Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hunger Games Aussie Review

Found this Australian gal's spoiler-free review.
First thing she says is that the movie is 'amazing'...
She saw 'Hunger Games' last night, 24hr ahead of U.S. release.

Watch her self-video as she walks home @ 2am:
*starts @ actual review, {restart to see her intro}
She says its just 'amazing'
'faithful adaptation w/o being beholden to the book'
'Jennifer Lawrence was sublime'
'Thought Josh brought the spirit of Peeta'
'Its got pace and tightness'
'good even for people who've already read the book'

So, according to her 'The Hunger Games' will be a hit.

But the most unique thing about her experience to me was the small theatre she was in. The theater provided champagne on little numbered tables? And those table dots with numbers (D1, D2) indicate that they had assigned seating in this cozy little cinema.

Personally, I wouldn't care what film I was seeing if I got to see it in large comfy seats with a glass of champagne in my hand...

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Seasons of the Moon

Our moon never seems to change...
Its fissures, craters and other formations look permanent, frozen except for a few small indents here and there.

We know the moon didn't always appear like this...
And now, thanks to NASA, we get to watch its history:

NASA's 'Evolution of the Moon'
{3 min}

Credit goes to NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter group - thanks to their hard work we can all experience the 'seasons' of the moon.

And without having to wear a spacesuit,
or even an anti-meteor helmet. ;-)

For ThemeThursday's: 'Season'
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