Saturday, August 29, 2009

Love Notes

Because my SO doesn't read this.

My SO still thinks this blog is just about my guilty pleasure tv shows (that my friends IRL don't watch...) and thus never reads here. Therefore I decided I could post images of these quirky postcards I've been sending anonymously.

Plus: love note for tech minds

SO,.. Happy Anniversary... tee hee.

p.s. Speaking of 'luv'... here's a unique 'love song' that I found whilst looking for a real one: (link fixed)

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Banana Flip

Well, 'Flipping Out' Jeff -is- bananas.
Makes sense that his new gopher is too.

"Flipping Out" returns on Monday, August 17 at 10 p.m. ET/PT,

{66 sec}

Can you believe it?... Jeff's new assistant used
'I have to win at checkers before I get up'

as an excuse for why he was late to work!

Does new boy's unique OCD make Jeff feel normal?...

p.s. funny how blogger mangled my vacation posts
Hopefully I'll get them all corrected soon...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Great Falls

Want a big surprise on your vacation too?... Here's how:

Drive home thru NJ, via I-80, and stop for gas at exit 57.

You'll find a waterfall there that's 77 feet tall.

2nd only to Niagara in the east U.S.. Who knew?

Way back, by Alexander Hamilton's statue:
scale: tiny railings on bridge are 4 feet high

Other side of the park, looking into the chasm:
you can get closer

link to more (not mine) Great Falls photos
(thanks to andy_szymczak, whoever/wherever he is)

wikipedia: Great Falls NJ

A few seconds of the falls in action:

{17 sec}

Why doesn't NJ use *that* in their ads vs 'Garden State'?

I can see it now: 'Visit Noisy Joisey Falls'...

*fixed post

Friday, August 14, 2009

U MST L@@K !

Above was the title of the link sent to me.

Have to agree - can't believe it til you see it.

click to see interior - 13 quick pics !
*click* above for pics. (13 quick pics)

My jaw dropped open when I got to pic #6.

Yes, its a real Long Island, NY listing: via Sotheby's.

Remember, its only 4 mil so you better hurry.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wall To Wall

Outside the set of CBS's new show:

'There Goes The Neighborhood'...

The -original- name of this show?

..'Block Party'..

Wonder what happened to provoke the name change?
I suppose we'll find out tonight. (promo below)

{30 sec}

Monday, August 3, 2009

TMI Tom Hanks

The Original Deep Fat Friar
* No, Tom H. never played Thomas A. - But the t-shirt image above reminded me of 'The DaVinci Code'.

Moving on...

'Micturition plays a role in nearly every film Tom Hanks has ever made. He either pees, talks about peeing, or makes some reference to peeing. When you click on the quiz link (below) you'll have to match the numbered scenes (on left) with his films on the right.'
If you're a whiz at this quiz, then you can be number one...

There's No "P" in Tom Hanks

Nanc's score?... 'Like a racehorse!'

I got: 100% (10 out of 10)

P.S. Did you see him in 'Terminal'?...

Then try this too: Airport Codes

My Score?...
I'll end up w/ lost luggage - only 79% (11/14)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Now We Are Six

Think back to when you were that age...

Watercolours by Kieron Williamson, age 6.

Kieron: ''I like painting because it's fun....
It makes me think of places I can't see.''

His talent was recognised by family friend and artist, Carol Ann Pennington, who offered to give him lessons.

(His mum, re: his first drawings) ''they were like the drawings of most 5-yr-olds but he really took off after going to some art classes.'' - No kidding.

His work goes on display Sunday - just before his 7th birthday - at Mrs Pennington's gallery, 'The Last Picture Show In Town'. (Cromer Road, Holt. Norfolk UK)

Kieron's hero? - Norfolk landscape artist Edward Seago.
Compare Kieron's work above to Seago's at age 50.(below)

landscape by EDWARD SEAGO

I think Kieron's well on his way - I'd buy one.

Daily Mail link has a bit more of Kieron's art.