Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Re'D'ux

KG does My Life on 'D' New Year's show, again.

Home tonight? Watch CNN to see KG turn up the AC at midnight.

Maybe we'll all get lucky and they'll recreate this 'A-list' scene...
{1 min}
* Kathy (& Lance)'s 'wardrobe malfunctions'

Still bored? Comments on KG via: GayTVblog

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blogger's Lament

Every once in a while my blog annoys me.

So I go here to fix the code:
Blogger 'How Do I'
Tips For Website
Blogger main Help topics
Or, when in doubt, Google it: Link: Google

Blog help via video on YouTube:[video]

p.s. easy search for blogspot blogs:

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Food Frolic

hey, if TC can do reruns in mid-play, so can I, after all...
Continuing my TC game, I finished Level #1. I made a sausage & pork sandwich, with a bit of tomato. TomC: 'Tomato & Basil go well together - Great Dish!' Padma:'The Tomato really worked for me.'
First Tom and now Padma exclaim about my Tomatoes?!
- Gail should be jealous.

The last part had me make three canapes, and the only 'meat' that appeared on the protein shelf was scallops. I can take a hint so I made a cuke and scallop pairing that also got me 5-stars from the judges.
TomC:'You really took a lot of risks with that dish.'
Saved from elimination! Ha! maybe TC really is 'Top (s)Callop'.

Finally, here's a video (not mine) showing the 'cooking'.
fyi: red shelf = meat, green = vege, yellow = flavorings

{2 min}

Saturday, December 27, 2008

PC Top Chef

Not 'Politically Correct', but 'Personal Computer'...' me ', playing Top Chef, the game.
screenshot of virtual 'me' - just before my first quickfire.
*btw players can click that cleaver to SKIP (chop! chop!) a section...

As you might've guessed, Santa gave me 'TC The Game'. And I just finished my 'test drive'... stopped by a computer error. Windows Virtual Memory wasn't quite ready for the graphics load, which is hilarious since the graphics are minimal at best. Static images slide across the screen, but there's zero actual animation, at least in level one. In fact, every time I chopped (cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, veal) all items were drawn as onions!

Onto the gameplay itself. Be prepared to click your fingers raw - faster chopping = higher score. I survived the first quickfire (and got 2700 points!) for making a 'sweet salad' by sliding images of tomato and cucumber, with a bit of basil, to the cook surface and clicking away. (I also added raspberries and mango which turned into a fruit smear on the plate.) And you know what virtual judge Tom C said about it? ''I didn't expect you to use the Tomato, but it worked.'' Um, Tom?... without that exotic tomato my 'salad' would've consisted solely of cucumbers.

No wonder they don't do salads on Top Chef, The Show.

Follow this link to Baltimore Snacker's TC game post.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Thank Cats its Friday?

No reason to post this except its the:

Best 10-Second Cat Video Ever

{10 sec}
*even cat haters will lol at 'Karate Kid' kitten

Monday, December 22, 2008

Hippo Holidays

artist: Leslie Sealey
Don't resist; have a Hippo Holiday!

I won't be posting much in the next few days, except maybe bit of snark if TC on the 24th is a new one. So have a great week, all!

Go check out Leslie's original art (above) . I've never met her, but I like her art. (found via Google) So I thought I'd feature her here as a holiday treat for all of us.
*Except perhaps for that hippo in the snow who probably thinks its all part of an evil holiday trick...

Link to the main page of: artist Leslie Sealey's blog.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

TC talk

NYC's NPR (& FCI) get talky with TomC:
* TomC used to work at Burger King! *

The downfall of Top Chef contestants is often that they lack good technique. "They have a lot of great ideas but they don't have the technique to pull it off." (raw scallop, anyone?)

Tom Coliccio once called his first TV appearance, on Regis and Kathie Lee, ''the worst experience of his life''.
Well, that certainly explains Kathie Lee's dramatic over-reaction to the food, doesn't it? - Note to self: Kathie Lee can hold a grudge but she can't hold her cookies...

Link to the written article: TomC talks to NPR.

Or go *here* to listen directly, but *warning* you may have to page thru National Public Radio NY's begging ad first - don't say I didn't warn you.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Kathy G and Mom, X-citing Xmas.
* Of course her Emmys are part of it.

Kathy Griffin's holiday fixings video: Link: ET! {2 min}

Friday, December 12, 2008

TC = To Court

Tom Colicchio was sued in federal court on Thursday.
In the lawsuit, the waitress, Nessa Rapone, who used to work at the bustling Craftbar restaurant at 900 Broadway, between 19th and 20th Streets, asserted that Mr. Colicchio’s company, Craft Worldwide Holdings, improperly shared employee tips with supervisors, did not keep proper time records and fired her when she protested.
Reading further you find out she worked at Craft for only two months in 2007. And btw, the lawyers are 'seeking class-action status for the lawsuit'. Hmm, sounds just like some other suits targeting high-profile NYC restaurants. (Turning it into a class-action suit significantly increases the payday for the lawyers, as does the lawyers habit of often asking for 6 years back pay.)

TomC:It’s a baseless lawsuit."
But it probably won't be cheap, or short.

Article: NY Times - text version

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Close Shave

credit to Johnny Depp on Top Chef!...

A 'news alert' periodically sends me an email if some newsy article contains the words Top and Chef... And now I got one including Johnny Depp! - imagine - a 'Pirate' or 'Barber' ep of TC!
But sorry, no...

... try the nautically-theme "The Captains' Inn Bed & Breakfast" in Mount Dora, FL. You’ll wake up to a world-class breakfast from Captain/Chef Tamara Spieler, the chef who cooked for Johnny Depp during the six weeks he was aboard ship while filming the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean... ('top' referenced the movie)
Ah well, it was a fun thought while it lasted.

p.s There's a 'Mount' of any height in Florida?
The Inn, if you live in FL or are just curious about Depp's chef.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

IC What U Did

automatic straddle: She's Done it Again, She's Managed It - TLW, Like the Cat, Has Nine Times to Die

IC gets AutoStraddled, big time.

(Couldn't improve on Reise's post, so I'll just link., above)
- - -

Meanwhile, Saabstory13 has provided us with 602:
Thanks Saab! (and Mont juic 214)

Speaking of fights that end w/o talking, Mel & Linds:

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Foo(d) Fighters

The Missing Pieces of the Foo(d) puzzle.

They should be the 'Foodie Fighters' - their vegetarian/vegan requests are just the tip of their dining iceberg. Every arena they play has to provide an enormous variety of foodstuff - vegetarian and carnivore. Plus FFs require a 3-hour window for each meal which must include hot entrees, so basically the caterers are on standby all day, and work from a provided list of acceptable meals listed by day. Don't forget the bacon.

And don't forget the meal extras:
Breakfast?... must include tablets of 1000-mg Vitamin C
Lunch?... must include multiple cases of RedBull
Dinner?... 'big ass kielbasas' ('make men self-conscious')
And in case 10 hours of catering still leaves them hungry,
the venue is also required to provide local take-out menus.
And check out the extras for their 'Hospitality Room':
Cases of Coke, Vitamin Water, RedBull, Gatorade, Fiji water, juices including Pom juice, protein drinks. Tomatoes, Avocadoes and brand name cheeses. Fresh brand name coffee and tea service. Natural peanut butter. Giant fruit basket. A bag of 'Pirate Booty'(?). Plus Zone Energy bars and various milks, soymilk and breads.
And then move on to the 'Auxilliary Room':
11 cases of various (brand name) beers
6 bottles of various (brand name) wines
3 bottles of (brand name) hard liquors
drink mixers
Doritos and beef jerky ('no Slim Jims')
chewing gum
vanilla, musk, or cinnamon scented candles (!?)
two large oscillating fans (!?)
ashtrays and lighters for four.
Finally, how about some extra-extras?:
DVDs ('no Jamie Kennedy, Martin Lawrence, or sports')
Magazines ('no Spin, Rolling Stone, or People')
t-shirts ('chest pocket preferred')
socks, black and white, 100% cotton
Aleve or Advil
roll-on deodorant
'Airborne' effervescent tablets
Purell hand cleaner
75 lbs of clean ice
All this, even if they're only in town for one day. 'Sheesh'
If I owned a theater and got this list?
I'd ask: 'You guys planning to sing at all?'

SG link to see 9 pages of the: Foo Fighter's arena rider.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Dinah 'Dylena'

Interesting screencap from mmm's video...(below)
... A bit of foreshadowing for S6, perhaps?

from mmm's Dinah Shore video
'Dylan'! Look where 'Denbo' has her digits!

But now, after seeing the latest S6 spoilers, I'm certain I know exactly what IC is actually whispering to them:
'You thought S3 was crazy?... you ain't seen nuthin!'

mmm's Dinah Shore video:
{5 min}