Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bare Necessities

According to 2,000 UK adults (18 to 65) here's what you need:


1. Internet connection

2. Television

3. A cuddle

4. A trustworthy best friend

5. Daily shower

6. Central heating

7. Cup of tea

8. An “I love you” now and then

9. A solid marriage

10. Car

11. Spectacles

12. Coffee

13. Chocolate

14. Night in on the sofa

15. Glass of wine

16. A good cry every now and then

17. A full English breakfast

18. A foreign holiday once a year

19. iPhone

20. A pint

Hm. Tv, a shower, central heat & tea beat out Love & Marriage?

...Is it possible they only surveyed the House of Lords?

Maybe they just asked Her Majesty's extended family?

link in new window: the Daily Mail article

also, its National Ice Tea Day, enjoy!


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