Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Top Chef, the warming oven

* Season 4 starts in mid March!
... So this is a warm-up; my first Top Chef post of S4.

original photo credit: Bravo
credit for still using the 'evil' photo:

Why doesn't Bravo use this 'sinister' Top Chef promo anymore?

This one above makes me laugh, while the current generation of promotional photos are just 'meh'. The whole reason 'Top Chef' beat(s) its food show rivals is because there's a snarky fun element to the show. Don't lose the fun, Bravo.

FYI: new mobile phone links to the 'Top Chef' website

eta: Just saw the premiere.
How long will both the SF partners hang in there?

I don't need to recap... DS does it here:
Top Chef 4.04

509, lightened images

FYI: images below PG-13 rated

*'sensitive' & innocent types please skip this post.

* pic credit to, and TOF

Lightened 509 screenshots.
Bad lighting really kills a scene, yes?...

credit to LURVE and ume at

eta: this comment on TWoP made me laugh, thanks Kufflinks!
I have solved the mystery of Tina's panties!!! They are Mood Panties (like the ring:) They were originally black. Once Bette got Tina all hot and bothered the color changed to red. -Kuff

Snark it up, the minimalist version

re: Dorothy Snarker aka 'Dorothy Surrenders'
of one of the chattiest TLW blogs on the internet.

(opens in new window)

Her entire profile on Flickr however?...

''I'm Female'' ... LOL

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tears of Flame picture links

Thanks for the links, TOF.

A set of epe 509 'elevator' pictures. (opens in new window)
Link: 509 pics #1 here, plus others...

Last 15 pictures of '509' also here:

Tears of Flame picture link #2 (opens in new window)
Link: TOF's 509 LWord pics #2

Monday, February 25, 2008

Tina: 'Men are boring'...

Tina hits the bigtime on Youtube

It made me laugh, anyway.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

TWoP notes on 506

(sent via email link)

And why leave at 4am?   No reason to unless Tina lives -really- far up the valley.  Or maybe Jodi needs the extra bucks and has hired out as Angie's nanny and will be there at 5am

*That's a couple of significant things on TLW that have happened at 4am - were IC's twins born at 4am?

I have to admit...when I saw that zoom on the clock after Sex 2, I was terrified that IC had pulled a Pam/Bobby on us and that Tina had dreamed the -bizgirl

Woo, never thought of that - a definite soap opera twist.

Re; Music for sex#2 - such a retread I'm surprised IC didn't underscore it with 'Auld Lang Syne'...  (and re: that Feist song... of all the 1000's of songs in the world, that one wouldn't have made my top 10 for that scene)

We've talked before about the impact that et al had/will have on the final outcome of Bette's romantic history... and I've said before that if the Emmy voters had given the trophy to Jodi, or if Jobette was lauded by Hollywood then Jobette would have been the LTR.  But what if the outspoken group was ,say, a bunch of Lisa Gay Hamilton fans that had gotten ahold of the deleted scenes? (Bette's first affair, from s1, cut scene) Would that have had any impact?

Jodi: I have my work. And, most importantly, I have you. So I'll be fine.
Fine is definitely not the word Bette's thinking right now.
  It's the right number of letters, though. -Scribe

I definitely didn't see Jodi's resignation coming... seems out-of-character.
(then again, seems Jodi was due for her TLW personality transplant)
Also... how long will it be before Molly happens to remember that as she arrived at Mom's party she saw 'good example' Bette leaving with a blonde who looks nothing like 'Partner Jodi'?...

William: Well, if there's anyone who can take a fragile person and glue them back together, I think that would be you.

Fine, but will all the parts be in the right places? -Scribe  LOL

t&B have their  'matching baggage' line - find in quotes?


Monday, February 11, 2008

Did this work? GA talking JA

 Trying to have blog links open in new window:
Link to Gillian Anderson talking about Jane Austen
(testing sending a link to the blog via email)

Friday, February 8, 2008

Warning: S5 TLW Spoiler set

another set of spoiler pictures, in a video.

*FYI: material in clips is R-rated.

Why is it that I can avoid spoilers that are written out, and I can avoid actual spoiler videos... but I succumb to looking at still pictures? Maybe I just enjoy the challenge of having a puzzle in the form of an image that represents a moment, but without the dialogue to clue me in as to what is actually going on. (Or is it that I can't stand the idea of hearing what could be earworm-dialogue ahead of time?)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

'Life' for Carmen, 'Limbo' for Dana

Looking around for 'Carmen' and 'Dana's new shows:
Sarah Shahi's 'Life' appears to be just on hiatus
due to the writer's strike, but it looks like Erin's
still in limbo; Fox hasn't placed hers anywhere.

Another Youtube Link test:

This time it should start automatically.


Update: 'or not...'

'Just ask Alice'

'What L Word Character Am I?
... Nice to meet you,
I'm Alice, apparently.

Hey, why not Tasha?... or perhaps DDLC?...

*Maybe when they update, its an old quiz:

What 'L WORD' Character R U?

Also: two TLW video links below:

(1st) embedded, showing S5

'reggae' mix of 506, 508 spoiler pics:


(2nd) 'L2 Convention 2006', - opens in a new window

Link: L2 video

* This is the one where LuH and MK fake that kiss.

At L2: Leisha Hailey, Laurel Holloman, Mia Kirshner, Kate Moennig

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

TLW references an obscene song?

Hearing KM/Shane continue her line:
'' old is she - ten?''
disturbed me because I wondered what the hell
TLW was doing referencing an obscene song*
that talks about sexually abusing girls.

I was hoping it was just an accident, yet
privately I was thinking that doing so
was right up EZsomeone's alley...

Updated to add:
And of course EZ penned ep.507,
Bette's 'self-abuse'/'Jodi-abuse' moment.
- How charming.

And speaking of 'charming', below are the
offensive lyrics that Shane seemed to quote:

Absurd Conflict
'Sex For A Few Marks' *

Real sex of your imaginations,
- under your own direction?
Throw away the mask of a satisfied husband,
Gratified by the grey of commonplace sex?
You have money and pleasure can be bought

Sex for a few marks
There is no taboo

The choice is large
To grasp something young
Fragile and naive
Shake by excitement, the passion can't be hidden

You're holding her
She is yours now
Your bloodless brain does not register

You've got only one goal
Delight, pleasure, ecstasy
A total satisfaction at any cost
Who cares about the hell she's going through

You've bought her, the money wipes out all respect
The school girl is yours for a few moments

What do you feel like?
Oral? Anal? Piss or Sado?
She has to submit - You've bought her

You stink of sweat, you gaze into her face, old is she - ten?
Your daughter is the same age
No! No! This is different, you've bought this one
Just like the others

Who cares about who sold her to you
- a brother, a school mate
Or fucking parents
Who cares, you've paid for it,
she's yours...

Be glad if you've never heard this song.
* wouldn't post these openly for obvious reasons