Wednesday, March 19, 2008

IC rocks someone's world

Show someone you care:
Send them a photo of... rocks?

photo in background during 'irene's 511 podvideocast
Watching 511's Secret Ingredient 'podcast' you notice the camera pan left to show us these 'break-up' items. When it zooms in, behind the bottles we can see a photo with:
'ILENE - I love you'.
Obviously not from her kids... but what is it?

To me, it looks like a photo of a pile of rocks.
Symbolism?... Random?... Guesses, anyone?

511's Secret Ingredient: (note items on left)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ivory to Ebony in two steps

Fun from TLW episode 511...
'Oops': When Bette and Jodi are on the sidewalk by Bette's car, the same extra walks by them twice in ten seconds. Then she magically transforms into a black man when B&J turn toward the car.

{the Youtube video clip }

* blooper credit: fingirl - Nice catch!
...watching this week's episode this morning and had to share something... within the first ten minutes, when Bette and Jodi are on the sidewalk, by Bette's car, talking, the same extra walks by them twice... and as they get into the car, the caucasian woman in khaki's turned into a black man. - fingirl (TWoP 3-17-08 )

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Red and The Black

Reading too much into Jenny's red/black boots,
Bette's episode 510 red/black flannel shirt,
and Tina's red/black elevator panties...

It could be another TLW shoutout to Stendhal.

Think back to 'L Word's first season, and the art reference to the Stendhal syndrome: the rapture that overtakes one whilst embracing an unspeakably beautiful work of art.

Well, Stendhal didn't just faint at paintings. He also wrote books, one of which is (ta-da!) 'The Red and The Black'. This novel (remarkable for 1830) dealt with the turmoil of a young man as his planned life is overturned by his passions. One of the earliest books to delve into human psychology and sexual choices, it contains some disturbing imagery, such as his lover kissing the lips of his severed head at the end. But one of the central themes of the book should be recognizable to all TLW fans: ''Stendhal's novel reveals how any individual's desire for another is always 'mediated' by a third party - put crudely, that we desire something (or someone) because we see that someone else desires that thing.'' Ring any bells?

So perhaps these red/black transformations right in front of our viewing eyes are calling out a deep and meaningful reference, if only our slow wits could be coaxed into following along. Or it could just be that JB picked the red shirt, and Jenny's boots plus Tina's panties are yet more continuity errors to add to TLW's growing pile. Your call.

Real reason for Bette's tears

They're saying 'OMG' and 'Oh No!'
Bette's 510 fashion...

Lez Alert!
...Bette in RED FLANNEL*!

crybaby Bette at the end of ep 510
* The real reason she's crying in episode 510!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jenny & Niki in 510

the tent scene
*fyi: link below is R-rated material

This extended 'love scene' actually reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock.

He was once told he couldn't do a five minute love scene, that it would be 'too long' and he couldn't get away with it - audiences would find it too lengthy and squirm in their seats. Plus the studio execs and the 'standards board' would never go for it, etc.
His reply? 'I can if there's a bomb under the bed.'

That's exactly what this does... we've got the menace of Adele sitting in wait, plus everyone can guess that the camera = trouble.

So even people who don't find the scene hot still stay interested.

Speaking of unexpected videos, here's another:

Jennifer Beals from the 1991 film "Blood and Concrete."
one girl in a million (3 minute video)
* What's up with...
the closed-lip liplock followed by roasting chicken?

Monday, March 3, 2008

Missing Helena (eta: 512 pics)

Can't believe that Rachel Shelley has 'vanished'... its so annoying to have Helena written out in such a fashion. Here's hoping RS found some great gig during her 'sabbatical'.

mitchelplus reports from Lcon that RS is back for S6!
To celebrate, here's that Helena 'Spy' fan video:

Fun Helena 'Spy' Fan Video

eta: Helena returns! Seeing that 'Our Chumps' photo, I knew as a Helena fan that it was in desperate need of a little photoshopping...