Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Walk Around The Lake

... in just a few million footsteps.

On April 29 2010, Kate Crowley & Mike Link, veteran naturalists, set off via foot & kayak to circumnavigate Lake Superior.
145 days later they'd gone full circle.
It was 1555 miles. (2503 km)
That's quite a walk.

They took video, and collected valuable data on water quality, invasive species, ecology, geography, and human impacts all along their hike. So it was a scientific venture as well as a personal adventure.

click for big link to their interactive map

click for big
Their trek struck a chord with me because my family traveled to see Split Rock lighthouse, one of their landmarks, when I was a child. The shore was rocky, the lake was clear, cold & endless.

And I was chilly after only a few minutes.
Can't imagine how bone-cold you'd be after 5 months.
{99 sec}
They saw these moose tracks along the shore...

...and maybe it went in circles around them but
I bet it didn't go as far as they did. :)

For TT's 'Full Circle' day
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Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Round of Donuts

Have a ball, its Nat'l Donut Day!*
*oops, a day late, its really the 1st Fri in June.

Hey, lets make it a world-wide celebration, by trying out as many different doughnut versions as we can. Here's a few to get you started:

China - Jin deui (煎堆) - a hollow fried pastry made of sticky rice-flour, w/ a sweet filling

Finland - a Meat doughnut (Lihapiirakka)

France - Beignet - heavenly pockets of yeast dough, sugared
(also a New Orleans treat - that's where I had'm - yum!)

Greece - Loukoumades - donut balls dipped in honey & spices

and here's Japan's Karinto ...

Its deep-fried, of mostly flour, yeast, & brown sugar. matter what it actually looks like....

Norway - Smultring, ("lard ring") donut-like but smaller

Peru - Picarones - a sweet, ring-shaped pumpkin fritter

South Asia - Paratha - fried bread, stuffed with vegetables

West Africa - Akara - fried dough made w/ black eyed peas

Not enough? See more at this (link in new window):

List of international fried treats.

And last but not least...
{30 sec}

Gee, dogs really do love donuts... ;)

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