Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Cake is a Lie

...but it is nice looking

*pic is from: here, on instagram

This is the creation of Vegedeco Salad in Nagoya, Japan. Look closely - its almost all vegetables except that the 'cake' part is made gluten-free & low-carb with soy bread.

see also article from: Mother Nature News

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

PAN - worth seeing!

How did we miss this 2015 fantasy film? ================== The plot is a quirky 'prequel' to Peter Pan. The bad reviews came about because early ads made it look like a Hugh Jackman action movie and it definitely isn't that. HJ is Blackbeard, not Hook. So instead its a swashbuckling movie with some cool special effects - complete with people & ships flying & swimming all over. ================ {3 min} ================ I liked it. Go and see if Peter fulfills his destiny. Wiki info link: 'PAN' movie, a 2015 prequel to the Peter Pan story. ================
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