Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jenny & Niki in 510

the tent scene
*fyi: link below is R-rated material

This extended 'love scene' actually reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock.

He was once told he couldn't do a five minute love scene, that it would be 'too long' and he couldn't get away with it - audiences would find it too lengthy and squirm in their seats. Plus the studio execs and the 'standards board' would never go for it, etc.
His reply? 'I can if there's a bomb under the bed.'

That's exactly what this does... we've got the menace of Adele sitting in wait, plus everyone can guess that the camera = trouble.

So even people who don't find the scene hot still stay interested.

Speaking of unexpected videos, here's another:

Jennifer Beals from the 1991 film "Blood and Concrete."
one girl in a million (3 minute video)
* What's up with...
the closed-lip liplock followed by roasting chicken?

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