Sunday, August 24, 2008

Real Cut-ups

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Should I have captioned this 'My Life on the D-ward'?... since here's Kathy G. visiting the amputation ward at Walter Reed Military Hospital.
That was a good finale for the season, but a hard episode for me to watch. But for going where few celebrities go, to bring cheer to the military personnel that came back with injuries that will never go away, KG got a very good review:
''She's worried, though, so she tours some of the wards where soldiers are undergoing rehab. She finds it more intense than a combat zone, but Griffin carries on with laughs and big smiles. She's good one on one. "You handsome guys are all the same," she says to one of them...

See Kathy crying in the hall, where the men can't see her. She's more confused than ever - still trying to gauge what kind of stuff to do on stage...

See Kathy bomb. Big time, which is something we've never seen before, especially on shows that can be edited... Instead of laughs, she gets stares blanker than a barn wall. She's dying out there. So she decides to toss out her act and go totally ad-lib. Presto, change-o, she connects with them and the laughter starts rolling in... Later several people tell her that they're glad she came -- that she boosted the boys' morale. Mission accomplished.'' (the full review is here)
Nine minute clip from the show: [video]

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