Monday, September 1, 2008


'Flipping Out's Zoila

'Flipping Out' viewers knew that Zoila, the maid, hated the portrait Jeff gave her for her birthday. Can't say I blame her. What I wasn't aware of (Olympics lured me away from FO's last eps) was that Bravo put the offending art on their auction page (didn't know they had that either) so Zoila could sell it and use the cash to get what she really wanted - time away. And she'll be able to afford quite a trip with $10,ooo!* - Zoila's auction (link dead? go here)

Discussing Zoila's birthday... (2 min)[video]
*disclaimer on the site says she'll get the 'net' proceeds... hmm.
** catch up on missed eps on Bravo or here

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  1. Y'know, I'm kind of glad that I have no idea what you 're talking about or what this means :)