Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lights! - Camera! - Sirens?

don't read below if you're unspoiled
2200 block of Ontario St TLW's production team had this 2200 block of Ontario St. (Vancouver, BC) cordoned off for a night shoot. It was described as a 'crime scene', complete with police cars, an ambulance and a fire truck. This was in the first week of October, so it will be part of Season 6's finale! So S6 gets a funeral... but whose?

CuteKitty guessed the victim could be Tasha the cop. Good guess, since Alice's upcoming spin-off will probably require her to be 'available'. But those buildings on that block look like little houses in the overhead photos... so could this be Bette's house next to Jenny's rental?

Click for larger image (to see larger image of entire block, click image to left)

Google map of area

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