Monday, January 10, 2011

Walk the Wicked Way

And ponder this perilous pathway.

Filming all the way, this guy hiked the most hair-raising section of the disintegrating El Camino del Rey gorge trail.


El Caminito del Rey (The King's little pathway) is pinned along the steep walls of a narrow gorge near Málaga, Spain.

It was built in 1901 for workers at the hydroelectric dam at Chorro Falls, and was one meter (39 inches) wide, complete with a handrail. Now its obviously in a highly deteriorated state, with all those large gaps bridged only by narrow beams. They did install a safety-wire alongside the path, but several people still fell off in recent years, so the local government closed it about 10 years ago.
But apparently they don't patrol it.
Can't blame them - who'd volunteer?
I mean, besides ^ that guy ^.
btw, this inspired me to look up 'scary' words:
frightening, terrifying, alarming, bloodcurdling, chilling, creepy, eerie, hairy, horrendous, horrifying, intimidating, shocking, spine-chilling, spooky, unnerving, perilous, risky, treacherous, uncertain, unhealthy, unsound, wicked... I think they all apply here.

A late entry for TT's 'stairs' day. Happy New Year!
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