Thursday, May 19, 2011

You Can Believe It

Certain Celebrity Correctness ?
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Its time has come,
with 'Gossip Cop'.

Their credo is "When a story appears on the Web, in print or on air, Gossip Cop will be on the scene, separating fact from fiction. Every day we’ll be posting new stories, photos, and video – and busting bad dish."

For example,

You'll be happy to know that ‘CSI’ Did Not “Ban” Justin Bieber.

So now when you jump into the shallow end of the gene pool, you'll be less likely to bump your head on some bad dirt.

I know I'll sleep better... while at my computer.

Also just for fun,
here's the U.S. band GOSSIP singing
'Love Long Distance'

Whilst wearing giant balloon heads?...

For TT's 'gossip' day
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