Friday, June 10, 2011

Catapulting Cows and Coconuts

aka Playing with your food, SpamALot style:

1. To begin, pick your side, the English, or ze French!
2. Use the mouse cursor to drag ammo to the catapult
3. Aim by sliding the object at the catapult up and back.
4. Then release your mouse button to launch. Good Luck!

Click the pic to start SpamALot, the game!

click to play Spamalot The Game

*Its like Angry Birds, but with cows ;-)

hint: Get {killer bunnies!} with a Spam product code.
Just click the upper right 'scroll' marked 'unlock weapons'

Or, if you're the more cerebral type,
click pic below to go to the Spam Museum!

click to see the Spam Museum

"The museum features 16,500 square feet of SPAM® artifacts, history and fun—and all for free! Yes, that’s right— it’s free admission to check out vintage advertising, answer SPAM® trivia, try your hand at canning SPAM® products, stock up on collectible SPAM® memorabilia, and learn about all the SPAM® products."

Spam artifacts? Ew. Hope they're really, really old so they'll be dry by the time I visit...
Have a great weekend!

for TT's 'spam' day
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  1. You are truly evil! I've been drawn in to this marvelous time-waster!

  2. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , loooooool very funny :)
    I'm ashamed of my dark side view on the theme now , still hope you check it though