Thursday, July 21, 2011

Into The Woods

Walk among Redwoods... in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

An experiment 95 years ago led to a forest on the slope of a volcano. Someone decided to see if these California trees could survive in the relatively cool temps of Maui's upcountry, 5000+ feet up on the non-lava side of the Haleakala crater.

Now they're over 100 feet tall and still growing.

Redwoods in Hawaii

Looking up in Poli Poli State Park, Hawaii.

{30 sec}

Normally I'm not in favor of adding non-native plants to the Hawaiian islands, but if redwoods can survive where no native plants could grow, it seems okay.
Any botanists want to weigh in?

fyi: If you go hiking on Maui, remember to refer to any area uphill of the town of Haiku as 'upcountry' - you'll sound a bit less like a tourist.

But as your burnt skin peels like a banana,
you're still gonna look like one.

for TT's 'country' day
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  1. You've just taught me something wonderful. Thank you! Next time I visit Maui, I will have to see these.

  2. Very interesting! Beautiful photo perspective too.

  3. Interesting... spent a quick trip with our residents there a few years ago... was a fabulous experience awed by the amazing natural wonders.

  4. I love to learn something extra ... thank you for sharing!