Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ice Cream Sandwich

The classic, and edible, types:

Homemade, but sadly not by me...
Cheesecake ice cream, plus caramel !
cheesecake & caramel
Recipe from the nice lady @ Triple Scoops

(click to go there)

This chocolate-chocolate one is a winner.

@ Lord & Taylor's cafe, NYC

(click to go there)

versus the newest (non-edible) type:

why 'ice cream sandwich' ?

Google's new OS, codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich.
(not quite sure why...)

The new features tempt me; they seem quite jazzy:
- visual voicemail
- incognito mode
- panorama camera
- time lapse images
- photo editor
- beam data transfer
- more wireless access
- plus 'Peoples' & other apps
Cool new product.
And lets hope it will be unlike my other OS's and my other ice cream sandwiches, and won't ever 'freeze up'. :)

Unveiling their new symbol @ Google's office:

{1 min}

For TT's 'Ice Cream' day
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  1. Those really look yummy, specially the chocolate ~ Now I feel like eating one ~ Thanks ~

  2. You have proceeded to make me super hungry.

  3. haha i had not heard of the new OS...too funny...that first one looks really cream sandwiches rock!

  4. Funny video! Now I'm craving ice cream!