Friday, July 6, 2012

Life On Replay

But NOT real life, thank heavens...

Someone who's heard me sing along to the radio got me a present - a 'Sims 3' game, with a bonus package consisting of the essence of singer Katy Perry.

(and I said)...Wait..What?

I had to laugh; this 'Showtime' edition lets you create a mini-you and have him/her blunder through a KP style career track that starts you out busking on the street for coins and may let you into 'superstardom'.
But if your mini-you doesn't succeed?..
...there's infinite do-overs, whew!


Definitely a more certain outcome than the lives of the characters in Ken Griswold's award-winning novel 'Replay' - where a few select people must randomly re-live portions of their past lives.

I re-read it recently, and their choices make it painfully clear that decisions must be made, and that you can't avoid all of life's uncertainties.

Here's a few bits of one guy's Sims lives:
{2 min}
As for me?...
I've yet to unwrap my Katy Perry simlife.

Maybe I'm not ready for all those colorful choices?

For TT's 'Life Uncertainties' day
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1 comment:

  1. Love the blue hair, and as to singing, well lets just say that the only place I am allowed to sing is in the car with the windows up and I am all alone or just with the wee wittle ones who are too young to complain.

    I liked the little Sims video and how it quickly shows about life's uncertainties. Not sure I would know how to play but it was cool to watch.

    I liked your writings for this weeks Theme Thursday theme about getting a "replay". I wonder what we would change if we could go back in time and where exactly would the change come that would have the greatest effect on our lives.

    Thanks again for playing.

    God bless.