Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I like handy things

Still road-testing my first ever blog.

And I might use this post to add handy links
since I'm not ready to add yet another sidebar.

Opens a link to Wikipedia in new window:

A link to Google, also opens in new window:

'Top Chef' (Bravo show, starts March 08) opens in new window:
'Top Chef' forum


Good News: I have found out how to do code to open my links as new tabs,(not new windows) which conserves your PC's memory while browsing.
Bad News:
This code is new-ish, so some browsers will send back an 'error' on use if I incorporate it.

So for now, *right-click* any links you want to open in a new -tab-.


  1. html in blogger 'comments':

    *NO paragraphs, hr, br, headlines, tables or lists. NO alt text or color/bg changes. No standard IMG tag, perhaps an alternate?

    * It will allow you to link to a picture in comments, but it appears you must open the picture link separately on your computer:
    dollhead pic

    This text is 'em'phasized
    This text is 'strong'
    This text is 'b'old
    This text is 'i'talic

    also: links & email
    This is a Sample Link
    Sample e-mail

    also allowed are jump links
    that go to areas on-site:
    Jump to Tips Section *just make sure that it shows exact name/location

    also allowed, code# to
    allow symbols to show:
    < shows as <
    > shows as >
    © is the same as ©

  2. I'm amazed you found this old post... I'd been c-&-pasting from an html page to see what -wouldn't- get rejected by the Nanny-ish comment filters