Tuesday, November 13, 2007

'Lara' and her big 'Lie'

Lauren Lee Smith's movie 'Lie With Me'

I hated the way S3's Lara character was written, so I'm
glad LLS got another acting gig that she hopefully found
profitable and fulfilling.

Soup chef 'Lara' (from seasons 1-3) in a movie I missed:
FYI: parts of these clips are R-rated material.

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    Some TLW fan fiction stories deserved more attention than they got originally. This is one. {sample below, followed by link }

    Title: Houseguest
    Author: pseud
    Copyright: 2005
    Content Rating: PG
    Disclaimer: Not saying all will like this.
    If you do or don't, please comment.
    Author's Note: This story is set about 5 years in an imagined past.

    Summary: Tina commits an act of kindness.

    "Houseguest" by pseud

    Battling through one of LA's winter storms, Tina walked towards her car. While fighting with the umbrella, trying to keep it from turning inside-out, she saw the young woman. The woman, girl really, was cold and shivering, soaked through, as she huddled in the doorway which was providing only minimal protection.

    It was right then that Tina decided to do what, she realized, could be one of the stupidest things she could ever do. "Are you ok?" she asked the girl.

    The girl's eyes were ablaze with the oddest combination. Distrust and something else; something like hope. The girl, body clenched tight, took a drag off her cigarette and nodded.

    Tina stopped. "I've seen you. At Milk, right?"

    The girl shrugged. "I get around." The bravado was in full effect, even though her lips were turning blue.

    After hesitating for a moment, especially after giving a thought to Bette's reaction, Tina felt compelled to act. "Look, I know this sounds weird. But I can give you a place to stay tonight."

    Another shrug. "Not weird at all." Tina held out the umbrella and the two of them walked in silence to her car.

    Heading towards the house, Tina turned up the heater hoping she could make a dent in the young woman's chills. "I'm Tina," she announced, feeling a need to break the awkward silence between them."


    Nothing more was forthcoming. Tina remained silent for the rest of the drive. She pulled into the driveway and frowned. "My partner's home."

    "It's cool, I can just take off from here."

    Tina shut down the ignition and met the other woman's gaze. "I didn't mean it that way. I'll just need to talk to her for a moment when we get inside. Ok?"


    The two women entered the front door, and Tina motioned for Shane to wait on the couch. She took off her coat, and smoothed down the front of the cotton shirt that she was wearing.

    "Bette," she called. "Where are you?" "Here," came a voice from the back room.

    Tina motioned again, one minute, and shot Shane a smile.

    After the blonde woman walked away, Shane started to look around, size up the place. It was nice. Homey. Lots of art, but not the usual stuff, paintings purchased to match the sofa.

    Nice stuff. Stuff of value. Now it was Shane's turn to smile.

    Link: 'Houseguest' by pseud

    * I only link to completed stories, unless noted.