Thursday, April 1, 2010

Satisfyingly Sunny

This lucky ducky passively promotes smiles in miles of rivers on four continents. Now its here for TT's yellow day!

mondo ducky in Osaka
*click for pages of pics of the places it's been

For action lovers - the Yellow Cube Machine:

{1 min}

And for people who just love being perplexed,
A demo of a (yellow!) non-Newtonian 'liquid':

{1 min}

Imagine a jr-high class getting their hands in this...

*One thing's bugging me - that guy at the end reminds me of an odd old cartoon character - can't quite place who he looks like.

Ah - he's a bit like 'Kilroy', or Alice the Goon (from Popeye).

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  1. Wild! I've never seen this non-Newtonian fluid before!

  2. That's crazy stuff! The rubik's cube thing looks so easy. How come I could never do it?! I want some of that yellow stuff to play with at work. Tomorrow's April Fool's Day. I could do a lot with it!

    The Clean White Page

  3. the yellow duck is so much fun!!!!! :-)

  4. that is a huge rubber ducky...i hate to ask or see the size of the person he belongs could not get the vid to work will try later. happy tt!

  5. thanks for the tip on peeps gelato!!! visited the site and I found a location nearby, I'll definitely go to try some :-)

  6. A brilliant yellow post. The liquid is amazing :-)

  7. Ha! You had me at oversize rubber duckie...

  8. All I could think of was Flubber.

  9. The floating duck is so wonderfully surreal! Thank you so much for the link.

  10. I love this! The rubber duckie (can you call something so big a "duckie"?) is so cool!

    And the Rubik's cube machine is amazing. I've never been able to solve those, but then, it's not the first time a machine was smarter than I am. :-(

    But what the heck is that goo???