Thursday, April 22, 2010

Draft Punk

Remember this iPod ad?

{30 sec - 'Technologic'}

The song was unique, so I looked for the band.
Too bad I mis-read their name as 'Draft Punk'.


Didn't re-find - Daft Punk - again for ages.

Not til I saw their distinctly different video,
'Something About Us'. (below)

note: The light show is on their helmets !

{3 min}

Like those people that mis-hear song lyrics, I just added an extra letter to the actual band name. But it made me feel better to find out (via Google) that I wasn't the only one - still over 20,000 hits if you search for 'Draft Punk' - ha!

But I just can't figure out why these two French guys would not only sing in English, but they also, after a bad review where an English critic called their music, "a bunch of daft punk", name their band that. In English.

Just a bit odd.

As odd as their whole LED-helmets thing.

*part of ThemeThursdays 'draft' challenge
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  1. cool video,
    sometimes we need to relax and let time fly...
    Happy Monday!

  2. I've been misquoting song lyrics for decades now myself, mostly Elton John tunes. Does anyone understand him?

    As for the Daft Punks, I long ago gave up figuring out French men. Sartre was enough for me.

  3. One carries wrong lyrics around in the head for so long, that they become better than the original anyway. French men might be hard to fathom, but it is so much fun trying to get to the bottom of them!

  4. yep I am guilty of singing those wrong lyrics out loud! nice twist on the theme! Happy TT!

  5. you know you got to give it to them for creativity...the second vid was definitely interesting...


  6. I've mis-interpreted prompt words myself - much more fun that way :-)

  7. I like it. Original and, oh who cares what their name is anyway?!

  8. I love mis-hearing lyrics. It makes the songs so much more interesting! :) Ha!
    Loved your TT... Well done/ Jo.

  9. Ha ha, the fun and games of thinking you know a name or song lyric but actually just didn't hear it right. I remember when the Eurovision was in native languages only. I could sing songs in languages I didn't even know excisted :) Happy Theme Thursday.

  10. And I thought you were going to talk about a new garage band beer or something. I like the video on YouTube with the Daft Punk song, Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger. It has two girls with the words on their bodies (which is a great way to remember the lyrics).

  11. I Mishear Lyricks all the time!
    Your video reminds me (sadly) of this

  12. My husband often "mis-hears" things. His version is almost always more entertaining than the original.

  13. Haha 'draft punk' shame on you, the lads are awesome! I love misheard lyrics. The Bangles "Our Lips are Sealed" became "Alex the Seal!" or Robert Palmer "Addicted to Love" really he's singing "Dick with a Glove!"

  14. I love the iPod ads, they make me want to grow dreads, buy a pair of Doc Martens and then groove my thang, preferably whilst changing colour ... and I can only apologise on behalf of the English nation, since I suspect it was English men, obsessed with draft bitter, and unable to comprehend the difference between "daft" and "draft", who are responsible for all the mistyped Google hits.

  15. ah yes, the best lyrics are the ones that you get completely wrong, giving the song an entirely different meaning. Like 'Deep' by East 17 (UK boy band, 1990's, forgive me, l was a teenager) when l confused the lyric 'come and rest upon my chest' with 'come and rest upon my genitals.' Unfortunate.

  16. I am always amazed when I find the true lyrics to songs I have been singing wrong for years.

  17. There are specific songs which I still, to this day, don't know. No matter how often I check. Men at Work's "Down Under," for example. Whatever rhymes with "thunder" works for me ;-)