Thursday, June 3, 2010

Save the Earth One Goat Poop At A Time?

this goat poops out TP
Its the White Goat Paper Recycler !

Just feed this White Goat paper and water - its automatic.
After digesting 40 sheets, out poops one roll of toilet paper.

See it in action:
{2 min}

Its so unique - you can see why it won awards.

But... it only makes two rolls per hour.

Not to mention it costs $100,000 US !


Perhaps we should try a real white goat* instead?...
Its output is recycled on dirt; no electricity required.

*Get two - then we'll automatically get more lil' goats!

* For ThemeThursday's ' White ' day

*1 of HM's pics of Coney Island, click to see'm

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  1. *No goats were harmed in the making of this post

  2. i just hope it all gets processed because i would hate to get a papercut, you know...smiles.

    happy tt!

  3. At least it ends up more important than most office paper use :-)

  4. Oh, that second pic reminds me of Tom Hank in Big. haha

  5. That "White Cars do not Swing" makes so much sense. White people don't have rythym!

  6. Well, when the price comes down, we'll have one in our home! -J

  7. Nice idea but probably better as guinea pig loo paper. Kinda sad that recycling some stuff uses more energy than producing it in the first plce. I'll stick to my Quilton triple length . . at least it saves on toilet rolls.