Saturday, May 29, 2010

Every Blog Has Its Price

But try putting a value on it...

origami dollar shark

Ran into a website where the owner declared that the lowest price he might accept for his domain ( was $1,000,000 US.
... But he'd prefer $10 mil, thanks.


So I plugged his domain name into a web-value site.
And SEOheap says his is worth $15,746

That sounds more reasonable....

(btw,'s value: $57,701,815 !)

So of course I had to value this blog and my is worth: $2,528 !

Ha. Not bad for a hobby.

Until I plugged in the name of my pal G1's blog.

And now I feel cheap and shoddy...
because they said that her blog
Girl1nterrupted is worth $301,638 !

*Hey, G1, love your blog but I demand a recount! ;-)

origami dollar koi
All this seems a bit fishy to you?...

Go try yours: Get your site value

And report back here, if you dare. ;-)

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    two awards from the bottom of the post for you,
    Happy Sunday!

  2. Hey Jingle, Thanks for thinking of me - those are two pretty, pretty awards. ;-)

    btw, did you check your site value?

  3. Holy mother of Bob!!!! :O

    Er ... anybody wanna buy a blog???

    Lol thanks for this Nanc! :P It's made my day!!

  4. what the heck, my comment just got gobbled up I think!

    My site is only worth about $5,000. Nanc, these ratings aren't fair... just because GI showed her boobies on that post last year, doesn't mean they can offer her all that money and not us!

  5. BridgetJonesDiary1 At Blogspot Dot Com is worth $300K too. And it's still available. Grab it while it's hot.