Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cooling Off Hot Bods

cool ones
I needed some ideas for tomorrow, so I found this list (via 'CheapHealthyGood'- click image) recommending these light drinks for summer.
Light Beer (12 oz)
Scotch, vodka, gin, or bourbon
Red, white, or sparkling wine
Bloody Mary
Rum and Diet Coke
Tom Collins
Sloe Gin Fizz
Vodka Martini
Guinness (12 oz)

Hey, sounds good to me... so I'm off to T Joe's to get those frozen peaches that I'll use to make Bellinis tomorrow.

{1 min}

*don't worry, I'll also get beer for the guys.

Have a great 4th!

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  1. Oh Bellinis are delicious, and so summery ... you should try Sea Breeze some time, vodka, cranberry juice and pink grapefruit, I have some very happy (fuzzy) memories thanks to that particular cocktail :P

    Hope you had a great weekend, Nanc x

  2. Thanks kindly for the comments. btw, I used peach-colored peaches, since I was frankly too lazy to try to find white ones.

    No one complainted since they tasted lovely... and I still have one bottle of Prosecco left in the frig - score! ;-)