Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Whale Of A Time

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... turned a sailboat into a hole in the ocean earlier today.

They were watching it at a distance when it moved towards them.

'Surely, it can't be on a collision course with us'

But the young Southern Right whale slipped out of view before suddenly flipping into the air and smashing their mast.

"There were bits of skin and blubber left behind, and the mast was wrecked. It brought down the rigging too."

Yikes - that would give me fishy nightmares.

Think next time they'll choose a bigger boat? ...

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  1. hahah I saw that on a twitter feed but I forgot to click it to read more! Thank god we have you Nanc! hahaha I LOVE sailing but I would never think anything like this would happen.


    how are you?