Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Reveal My Winning Formula

Rule #1:

Always enter when a blogger says:

''we're having a contest. A simple one.''

TC Quickfire Cookbook Hey, worked for me. The proof?...

Earlier today this cookbook arrived in my mailbox, courtesy of 'Minx', the chief cook and bottle washer at

But I would be remiss if I didn't also reveal what a great blog she runs. MinxEats is full of food, facts, fluff and fun. Not to mention foto funnies such as...

Roasting Sandra Lee w/her own recipe:


Riotous Recaps of 'Top Chef':
That's right, kids, it's the always-exciting semi-kinky Tag Team Cook-off! Two teams, each with a total of 40 minutes, 10 per chef, must create a cohesive dish. While one chef cooks, his teammates must stand silently on the side, biting their lips and shaking their heads. And the ones who haven't yet had their turns get to wear blindfolds...
Top Chef DC, ep 9

not to mention

Reliable Reviews:
I made a little deal - I'll talk about the cookbook if I can cook from it - that way, I can judge the book on its own merits and not on the reputation of its author.

pertinent prose:
I kept a diary during the family trip to London and Paris. Rather than marvel over the castles and museums, instead I kept track of our meals, particularly the scones, full English breakfasts, croissants, and copious sweets we enjoyed.
I was ten.

to go with her original recipes such as
Clams Casino Bruschetta:

is a foodies paradise.

(Thanks again, Minx!)

*my ThemeThursday's 'Reveal'

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  1. Aww...thanks for the plug! I appreciate it and hope you enjoy your cookbook.

  2. yummy one .
    love what you reveal!
    Nice to see you today.

  3. I just ate. Now I'm hungry again.

  4. Hey nancy!1thanx for your have many nice things here and iam getting hungy!!

    But how did you manage that link on the comments?on my wall on comments


  5. Hey all, thanks for stopping by :)

    And for you, Mr. C... how about page 85?
    Its DT's 'Sexy Salad, with Chicken'. And I promise I'll use the legs, thighs, -and- breasts.