Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Turtle Fence?

beware of alien dogs!

Recently, turtle fence debates took up govt time.

These students did a C-Span Mash-Up about it:

{3 min} *Capt Dynamic has all lyrics here (Thanks!)

You shall build a turtle fence!*

We don't have many turtles.

Well in Michigan, we got quite a few.

We need a rattlesnake fence!...


Then this line: The more I drink...
the more this congress is making sense.
That one made me laugh and cry.

So sadly true.

Funny thing is, this red-herring of a fence idea came from a legitimate concern for people and turtles. But now its been made a laughing-stock, and it may not help anyway.

Because Turtles Can Climb Fences:

{30 sec}

For ThemeThursday's 'FENCE' day
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  1. Your perspective on things is always something I look forward to...

    Turtle fences? Someone has too little brain and too much money...

    Happy TT!

  2. That is an interesting commentary - thanx

  3. I never dreamed that turtles could climb fences! Good idea about drinking so gov't makes sense. Must try it! :-)

  4. I'd like a little fence around me.

  5. Yeah they can climb fences but it just takes them a really long time to do so. Maybe if they just make it taller? :)

  6. that dog in the bubble picture is so cute!