Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fresh Take on Old Spice

I have a confession.
I mute all TV ads, even for shows & products that I like.

But rules were made to be broken, and
for these Old Spice ads I made an exception:

*first 12 secs appear normal...
{30 sec}

Quick visual tricks and nonsense? = worth viewing.

Now here's
'Behind the Scenes' as they film a new one

... all in *one* take:
(in the first minute)

{3 min}

If they go to that much trouble, I'll pay attention.
Even if I have no idea what that 'spice' smells like.

Now, a non-Spice, but still fun: NY Fest winner, 40 sec

All for fun, & TT's Spice day.
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  1. Laughing...this was too much...I bet after all that even he doesn't know what Old Spice is supposed to smell like either! His Old Spice=NO SPICE! Excellent entry. Thanks for finding this and sharing.

  2. This was SOOO much fun and a wonderful 'take' on spice. Thanks...great post.

  3. Hilarious!
    Here's mine:

  4. hahahah oh this was good. very good. very very very good =D
    i love those commercials.
    hahhaa =)