Friday, April 29, 2011

What Screams May Come

'To sleep, perchance to dream.'

Or not. Depending on whether you've seen this curmudgeon-ly cute (Oscar nom'd) short, based on The Brothers Grimm's tale.

Granny Grimm's 'Sleeping Beauty'

{5 min}

*Forgot to warn you not to view at bedtime.

Oops. Sleep tight.

For TT's 'Sleep' day... btw, here's Granny on Twitter
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  1. I love the fairy with the walker and arriving in the toxic green smoke! Great video and great lullaby at the end! Thanks for the smile and warning.

  2. Reminds me when I used to visit my Catholic aunt, who insisted she was a wonderful parent-type because she didn't spank children, yet told stories like this - then wondered why I never wanted to visit her.

    Thanks for sharing this excellent film.