Thursday, October 13, 2011

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish OMG FISH

A five foot flying fish, actually.

Ever want a 5 ft remote-controlled helium-filled flying fish? The video below shows a family that owns both the Shark and the Clown Fish 'Air Swimmer' models:

{90 sec}

They fly both of them throughout the house.
And in the city. Just watch it. Awesome.

So awesome that I got my own 'Nemo' on Monday.

The box it came in is surprisingly small;
it fit into a regular priority mail box.

Now to find a helium source so mine can fly.
And hopefully I'll avoid the ceiling fan.
You know how fish hate ceiling fans.

And BTW, thanks Mrsupole for
our great new TT topic: 'FISH'
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  1. that is a little scary to think about my boys having...just saying..haha fun take on the prompt...

  2. Ok, the cat freaking out at the end is the best!

    What a cool invention. They seem pretty easy to maneuver around too!

    AWESOME take on the TT theme! :)

  3. I may know what the grandkids are getting for Christmas.

  4. That is so cool to watch. I totally loved the cat one. I can imagine my cats running away from it. That would be a great gift for the grandkids but I am thinking Grandpa would have more fun with scaring the grandkids with it. But then again maybe I would have more fun.

    That must have been a party those children will remember forever.

    Thanks for joining in on Theme Thursday.

    God bless.

  5. Hi again,

    Just wanted to let you know that the theme for each weeks Theme Thursday is now being posted on Sundays and everyone can post their post on Thursday. Please stop on by to check out this weeks theme.

    God bless.