Monday, February 1, 2010

The Ghost In The Machine

via the amazing 'Performance Capture' room.

''...this is not an animated film.
These actors do not just stand at
a lectern and do a voice part...''
- James Cameron

Avatar actors performed inside their graphical world in real time.

That's revolutionary - there was no waiting for CGI cut&paste to see their scenes. A giant 'live' video game with real people.

{5 min}
Multiple angles of 'Pandora' slide past
as the actors move inside it.

I don't want to move to Pandora, but I'd sure like to play with that performance-capture room. Imagine your home movies done anywhere or anywhen?
Very cool.


Cameron has decided -not- to bid to get his own series back. (Years ago, in order to get the directing job on 'Terminator', he had to sign away his rights to it. Typical Hollywood.)

It seems that the studio that owns it went bankrupt, and so now the rights to continue the 'T' series are being auctioned off. Sony is in the running, as is Lionsgate, but JC has opted out. Estimated price - $30 to $70 million.

If you were him, would you want it back?

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  1. p.p.s. What was the name of that thing on Star Trek that made a room of their ship into a 'performance capture' type of room?...