Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jealousy is Booby Eyed

Me, today Humphrey

Alas - no prize owl will be winging its way to me.

At least not from Erin's latest contest since it appears that I came in a close 2nd... or 3rd:

Whiner = Moi
'Wiener',.. I mean 'Winner' = Vic

Hmph. So what if Vic won it fair & square with great writing and a fun video?... I want the boobie owl, dang it!

So, since I couldn't snag it honestly, I'm resorting to subterfuge. I'm heading off to Vic's house to owl-nap. But I could use some help.

click for the actual map to Vic's house ! Shh! Don't tell anyone. Just click the image above to follow the secret map to Vic's house... When she's not looking one of us will grab poor ol' Humphrey out of her front window and run.

We'll all meet-up back here after.
I'll share him, honest.

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