Sunday, February 7, 2010

Theme Thursday

one bright entry, click 4 her other pics

Its early, but are you in the mood for Thursday yet? Not me, I have a meeting that I'm not going to enjoy...

So here are a few places to give us all a bit of Thursday to look forward to: new topics you can write or do an artistic bit about to match.

One theme this week: 'Mirror' .
*I'm going to try it - we'll see everyone's Feb 11th.

Another theme for T-day: Pink & Black.

twitter: a portfolio themethursday tweet.

unique: Theme Thursday 4 gadgets?

And: video/CGI 'theme days'

{6 sec}
This 'Ghost Eye' has an interesting effect.
Is it a real eye 'CGI'-ed onto a spiral?...

Now we've got something to look forward to.

Besides the weekend, of course. ;-)

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