Sunday, May 23, 2010

Why Cannibals Eat Readers

Saw a DVD preview of this...

you can rent it

Yes, that's right. They've released Cannibal! The Musical which is a student film directed back in 1996 by (co-creator of South Park) Trey Parker, while studying at U of CO Boulder.

His black comedy is loosely based on the true story of ex-con (yes, its spelled that way) Alferd Packer who was hired to lead 5 miners across the mountains in winter, yet reappeared weeks later well-fed and loaded with cash (& wallets) saying he'd lost track of them {burp} in the snow...

{30 sec} *Trey Parker also plays Alferd Packer

I have no shame;
I added it to my NetFlix queue.

Why do cannibals prefer eating readers to writers?

Because writers cramp but readers digest.

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  1. Where can l get hold of this? My media students will love/be completely freaked out by it.

    Stealing that joke BTW


  2. lol - be my guest!

    And I know the dvd is all over the place now, so I hope we both get to see it before year's end. ;-)

  3. Ha! :P Whatever next!?

    Maybe ... 'The Tonya Harding Story: The Musical! On Ice!'

    Personally, I blame Canada.


    two awards on the bottom,
    many thanks!