Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Wrinkle In Music

ThemeT asked, so here's a Wrinkle... but its a short song by the low-flying band named Dufus. (Don't know how else to describe them, since this quirky bunch has toured globally yet they're mostly unknown.)

But I do know I like their video of 'Wrinkle':

{2 min}

Time makes wrinkles form upon your face
Live happily, wrinkles make you prettier
Work too hard it becomes
You start to wear a frown
Permanently making uglier

I prefer to stare into the sun and burn my eyes
with love, my eyes in kindness.
Wrinkling crinkling wisdom of time.

Don't you wonder why they try to make things happen?
Why not sit back and relax?
I know its not as easy as it seems.
It could be easiest.

I prefer to stare into the sun and burn my eyes
with love, my eyes in kindness.
Wrinkling crinkling wisdom of time.

I'm not lazy; I know every minute counts
I am resolved to making people happier
People most people don't seem to think or at
least they don't seem to try
I Am Resolved

Take me with you, I'll go with you.
I'll go with you if you want me to.

I prefer to stare into the sun and burn my eyes
with love, my eyes in kindness.
Wrinkling crinkling wisdom of time

Love that cake with 131 candles...

Given the nature of their music, will they 'make it big'?

But then again, given the nature of their group, I don't think that bothers them one way or the other. So no wonder they can write a song about getting wrinklier and not worry about that either.

Maybe unwrinkled people end up boring, anyway?

Time will tell, I guess... ;-)

*have extra time today?... Dufus doing their
rock opera: Fun Wearing UnderWear.
Yup, they declare that they wear underwear!

{5 min - DUFUS at a small venue in Germany}

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  1. wrinkles add sharacter and are earned with experience...great teh artsy feel to it. happy theme thursday!

  2. Gewrinclod sind groß in Düsseldorf!

  3. Fun video clips. Thanks. As for unwrinkled folks ending up boring, well, I've been wondering. Since so many of those smooth unlined faces have been helped out by Botox, what will happen when the Botox stops? Will all those frozen, waiting-to-happen wrinkles come crashing in, causing those faces to collapse in on themselves?

  4. Heh, heh! I included this video in my post for today, too. There aren't many actual song videos on YouTube when you put "wrinkle" in the search box; you have to sift through all those ads for wrinkle cream!

    I'd never heard of Dufus before, either. They're definitely an interesting find!

  5. creative you,
    cool stuff!
    Happy Thursday!

  6. Great choice for theme Thursday. The video is so cool and I kind of like the band.

  7. The world would be a much better place if more bands took themselves less seriously.

    I remember watching some kind of chat show once (I think), the conversation turned to aging actresses and in particular one of the British soap opera 'stars' of the day and her rather unfortunate signs of early aging, it was pointed out that she had claimed they were laughter lines, to which the immediate reply was "Nothing's THAT funny".

  8. the lyrics to that clip are perfect!

  9. I'll take the happy wrinkles thank you!!!

    thanks for sharing this band with us too

  10. I like the "Underwear" song best. It's goofy...or should I say "doofy"?


    please visit to get Shakira back...
    many thanks!

  12. Happy Belated Father's Day to Dads in your life.