Sunday, March 27, 2011

Party Animals

Let Us Spray !
A wet T-shirt* contest.

*Except there's no shirts, and the only 'T' is on the end of the elephant.

Because its spring, and that means peewee pachyderms in the pool. This week, the keepers at the Houston zoo brought out the new 'baby' pool for their younger elephants. And it was quite a splash hit...

{35 sec}
Baylor is over 1100 lbs, tiny Tupelo is only 600.

{2:25} Baby Baylor's first pool.

See at :20 where Mom sticks her foot in?
Notice the keepers bribe her (and auntie) with tidbits to keep their big feet (and 10,000lbs) out of his baby pool. But they still end up replacing the pools every few weeks.

Make you want a pool of your own?...
It just makes me want summer, stat! ;-)

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  1. aw love the videos! elephants are my favourite animal and i think they're adorable!