Thursday, March 3, 2011

Roomy Book Nook

Meri @ Playing Along posed a question for us.

She asked:

All you true book lovers out there,
Have you transitioned to virtual books?

How could you possibly give up the smell of ink,
the feel of the velvety pages,
the sound of the pages turning,
the heft of the book in your hands...

Meri, here's my answer...

I do like real books, honestly.

But my conversion to digital books began the day 5 lb book I went to my library to borrow this hefty new book that had been recommended to me. The librarian found it, and handed it over. Actually she heaved it my way, since it has over a 1000 pages, weighs more than the dog I was pup-sitting, and it has -no- page numbers or index.

I could only read it* with my bent legs propped up on a very sturdy ottoman. (the furniture type - not a guy - sheesh)

Thus began my search for a lighter way to read...

Got some good info via Cnet: 'Kindle vs Nook vs iPad'

Then Apple annc'd : iPad 2 debuts March 2011 !:
{2 min}

Until I see the new contender, I can't decide. So currently I'm still using my mobile to read eBooks, while waiting to find out which new device will win my heart. Or at least my wallet. I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, enjoy the sweet irony of this audio-visual trailer that publisher MacMillan put out recently to promote a 32-page children's book. Its protagonist eschews the digital, prefering the pleasures of reading.
Watch a video of a book about reading a book...
{2 min}

*That 5 lb tome? Surprised me that it was a graphic novel/comic that was turned into the 'Walking Dead' tv series.
At over $50, $10 a pound, its not worth all that weight.
Happy Reading... or 'Viewing'.

Playing Along: Theme Thursday: Book
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  1. Wonderful piece, exploring this yet unanswered fave new device.

  2. I loved this piece..well done! I did a post myself about 'Me And My Kobo' last month. You might like to check it out if you get a chance...:)

    Imagination Lane

  3. What a great answer to my question. It's not an easy choice, is it? I'm resistant to virtual books, but I think I'd lean toward a table, rather than a dedicated e-reader. That way I'd feel less like a book murderer.

  4. I saw the post you referred to. How nice to see two sides to the coin! I love that everyone has their own take on the situation. :)

    I have a Kobo, and I love it to bits...but I'll also never abandon the physical paper books in my life either. I do think that there is room for both. :)

    Good luck in your choice for an e-reader. Those iPads are super pretty...well out of my price range at the moment though. Maybe one day. Until then, my Kobo was a steal at $130.

  5. Hey, I just saw my first Kobo today - and they said they're putting out a new version soon, so it must be popular - I'll have to check it out :)

  6. I just love "Read a Book" and this YouTube clip is great. I'm sending it to my kids! Thanks.