Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Top Chef, the warming oven

* Season 4 starts in mid March!
... So this is a warm-up; my first Top Chef post of S4.

original photo credit: Bravo
credit for still using the 'evil' photo:

Why doesn't Bravo use this 'sinister' Top Chef promo anymore?

This one above makes me laugh, while the current generation of promotional photos are just 'meh'. The whole reason 'Top Chef' beat(s) its food show rivals is because there's a snarky fun element to the show. Don't lose the fun, Bravo.

FYI: new mobile phone links to the 'Top Chef' website

eta: Just saw the premiere.
How long will both the SF partners hang in there?

I don't need to recap... DS does it here:
Top Chef 4.04


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