Tuesday, February 5, 2008

TLW references an obscene song?

Hearing KM/Shane continue her line:
''...how old is she - ten?''
disturbed me because I wondered what the hell
TLW was doing referencing an obscene song*
that talks about sexually abusing girls.

I was hoping it was just an accident, yet
privately I was thinking that doing so
was right up EZsomeone's alley...

Updated to add:
And of course EZ penned ep.507,
Bette's 'self-abuse'/'Jodi-abuse' moment.
- How charming.

And speaking of 'charming', below are the
offensive lyrics that Shane seemed to quote:

Absurd Conflict
'Sex For A Few Marks' *

Real sex of your imaginations,
- under your own direction?
Throw away the mask of a satisfied husband,
Gratified by the grey of commonplace sex?
You have money and pleasure can be bought

Sex for a few marks
There is no taboo

The choice is large
To grasp something young
Fragile and naive
Shake by excitement, the passion can't be hidden

You're holding her
She is yours now
Your bloodless brain does not register

You've got only one goal
Delight, pleasure, ecstasy
A total satisfaction at any cost
Who cares about the hell she's going through

You've bought her, the money wipes out all respect
The school girl is yours for a few moments

What do you feel like?
Oral? Anal? Piss or Sado?
She has to submit - You've bought her

You stink of sweat, you gaze into her face,
...how old is she - ten?
Your daughter is the same age
No! No! This is different, you've bought this one
Just like the others

Who cares about who sold her to you
- a brother, a school mate
Or fucking parents
Who cares, you've paid for it,
she's yours...

Be glad if you've never heard this song.
* wouldn't post these openly for obvious reasons

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