Tuesday, February 12, 2008

TWoP notes on 506

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And why leave at 4am?   No reason to unless Tina lives -really- far up the valley.  Or maybe Jodi needs the extra bucks and has hired out as Angie's nanny and will be there at 5am

*That's a couple of significant things on TLW that have happened at 4am - were IC's twins born at 4am?

I have to admit...when I saw that zoom on the clock after Sex 2, I was terrified that IC had pulled a Pam/Bobby on us and that Tina had dreamed the -bizgirl

Woo, never thought of that - a definite soap opera twist.

Re; Music for sex#2 - such a retread I'm surprised IC didn't underscore it with 'Auld Lang Syne'...  (and re: that Feist song... of all the 1000's of songs in the world, that one wouldn't have made my top 10 for that scene)

We've talked before about the impact that tibette.com et al had/will have on the final outcome of Bette's romantic history... and I've said before that if the Emmy voters had given the trophy to Jodi, or if Jobette was lauded by Hollywood then Jobette would have been the LTR.  But what if the outspoken group was ,say, a bunch of Lisa Gay Hamilton fans that had gotten ahold of the deleted scenes? (Bette's first affair, from s1, cut scene) Would that have had any impact?

Jodi: I have my work. And, most importantly, I have you. So I'll be fine.
Fine is definitely not the word Bette's thinking right now.
  It's the right number of letters, though. -Scribe

I definitely didn't see Jodi's resignation coming... seems out-of-character.
(then again, seems Jodi was due for her TLW personality transplant)
Also... how long will it be before Molly happens to remember that as she arrived at Mom's party she saw 'good example' Bette leaving with a blonde who looks nothing like 'Partner Jodi'?...

William: Well, if there's anyone who can take a fragile person and glue them back together, I think that would be you.

Fine, but will all the parts be in the right places? -Scribe  LOL

t&B have their  'matching baggage' line - find in quotes?


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  1. ryankelly gets credit for the 'matching baggage' line!