Wednesday, February 6, 2008

'Just ask Alice'

'What L Word Character Am I?
... Nice to meet you,
I'm Alice, apparently.

Hey, why not Tasha?... or perhaps DDLC?...

*Maybe when they update, its an old quiz:

What 'L WORD' Character R U?

Also: two TLW video links below:

(1st) embedded, showing S5

'reggae' mix of 506, 508 spoiler pics:


(2nd) 'L2 Convention 2006', - opens in a new window

Link: L2 video

* This is the one where LuH and MK fake that kiss.

At L2: Leisha Hailey, Laurel Holloman, Mia Kirshner, Kate Moennig

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  1. Still testing allowed comment length
    There are some TLW fanfic stories that didn't get proper attention when they were first written. This is one. {first 2 pages, direct link at bottom}

    Title: Old Friends
    Author: nouvelle
    Content Rating: PG-13
    Disclaimer: Characters belong to Showtime
    Author's Note: Takes place after Season 1.
    This is something I started months ago. It doesn't contain as much humor as I tried to put into my other series.
    Summary: An old friend comes to visit Bette and Tina.

    'Old Friends' by nouvelle

    Responding to the doorbell, Tina got up opening the front door. Alex she said giving a warm hug to the woman standing at the door.

    Hey, T-Bird, the woman responded giving Tina a kiss on both cheeks in the European fashion. It is so good to see you.

    Its good to see you, Alex. Its been too long. Tina responded.

    Yes, it has. Alex said as she followed Tina into the house and to the dining room table.

    Alex, this is Jenny, our neighbor Tina said making introductions. Jenny this is Alexandra Magdalena Teresa Novack. She and Bette have been friends since elementary school.

    Call me Alex, Alex said to Jenny as she walked to shake her hand. I can see that this neighborhood continues to attract beautiful women. (Never let it be said that Bette was the only one from the block to develop charm).

    Jenny came over for a cup of coffee. Would you like some, Alex?

    That would be great, T-Bird.

    Jenny seemed to chuckle a bit at hearing Alex refer to Tina as T-Bird.

    Alex sat down as Tina brought a cup of coffee and joined them at the table.

    Tina said that a friend was coming to town for a visit. How long are you in L.A.? Jenny asked.

    If it werent for T-Bird and Betty, I'd say too long, but they make it worth it.

    It sounds as if you don't care for L.A.

    Not really. The place scares me.

    It can be rather intimidating especially if you arent used to large cities.

    Its not that. I just dont like L.A., too superficial. Everything is about beautiful people and beautiful money.

    Alex, thats not true. Tina admonished.

    I'm serious, T-Bird. I dont have enough of either to play on this court.

    Where do you live? Jenny asked.

    Depends on when you ask. I've been in Hungary for the past few months.


    Alex is a writer. Tina explained. She is an expert in medieval history.

    I wouldnt say expert, T-Bird. I just like to write about it.

    Oh, wait. Jenny said as a light bulb came to life. You're A.M. Novack? I've read one of your books.

    Thank you. I always appreciate hearing that someone has.

    Hey, I've read them all. Tina said. Bette even takes time out of her busy schedule to read your books.

    Well, if Betty takes time out of her schedule, then I must be flattered.

    You mean, Bette? Jenny asked, puzzled.

    I call her Betty. Its short for Bette E. Balls. Ive been calling her that for years. I am also probably the only person on Planet earth allowed to call her that.

    I suspect that you are. Tina responded.

    Actually, I earned the right to call her whatever I want. When we were kids, Betty got me in a lot of trouble.

    Oh? said Tina and Jenny at the same time, their interest piqued.

    It seemed like whenever Betty and I did something together we got caught because she either panicked or she felt guilty and confessed.

    What sort of things?

    You know, the usual kid stuff: smoking, skipping school, nothing too terribly criminal.

    Tina chuckled, Bette has told me some stories about your adventures. What was it 6th grade that her dad sent her to private school to try to keep you two away from each other?

    Yeah. Didn't work, though. He was so happy when she got into accepted into the college of her choice. He was sure I couldnt get into an Ivy League school and I would finally be out of her life.

    Obviously that wasn't the case said Jenny making an intelligent observation.

    No, we always stayed in touch, got together when we came home for Christmas break. I finished grad school early and was living in D.C. with my partner when Betty did her internship at the National Gallery. She spent six months living with us.

    I bet that was a long six months. Tina said with a laugh.

    It felt like six years. Alex quipped in return.

    Jenny looked at her empty coffee cup. Well, I should be going so that you two can talk. Thanks for the coffee, Tina.

    It was my pleasure to meet to you Jenny. Alex said while giving one of her charming smiles.

    Thanks for coming over, Jenny. I'll talk to you tomorrow.
    Tina said as she walked with Jenny to the door before returning to the table and Alex.

    Bette told me that you are dating someone new?

    I just had a fling with my translator. Nothing long term.

    Still have a girl in every port, Alex?

    Alex laughed, I'm afraid I'm no Shane. I just never stay anywhere long enough for long term.

    The difference is that you have one girl in many ports. Shane has many girls in the same port. Tina responded. Why did you have a translator? I thought you spoke Hungarian.

    Thanks to my grandparents on my fathers side, I speak a little Hungarian, but I cant read Hungarian.

    Ive got a bottle of Riesling chilling. I know that it is your favorite. Why dont we take it into the living room and talk.

    Sounds wonderful T-Bird.

    Tina went to get the wine and glasses. She brought along a bottle of Perrier for herself. Alex carried the bottle of wine; she put her arm around Tina as they walked into the living room together. Both women sat on the couch next to each other. Alex put her arm around Tina and Tina put her head on Alexs shoulder. To an outside observer, it might have looked romantic, but the situation was one of good friends who were comfortable enough with each other to be affectionate.

    Talk to me, T-Bird.

    Thanks for the flowers you sent when... Tina paused feeling herself getting emotional.

    Alex jumped in, My pleasure to send flowers to a beautiful woman. I'm sorry I couldn't be here.

    The note you sent meant a lot to me and to Bette.

    They sat in silence for a couple of minutes, each contemplating the loss of Tina and Bette's baby boy.

    Alex sat up opening the bottle of wine. She poured a glass for herself and a glass of Perrier for Tina. They held their glasses and returned to the way they had been sitting.

    Betty emailed me. I know what's been going on with you two.

    I figured that she would. I'm sorry I didnt tell you Alex. I wasnt sure how to explain it all.

    Well, it seemed rather difficult for Betty to explain.

    It should have been difficult for her to explain. Tina said with a note of anger in her voice.

    Do you want to start by telling me about this British bitch that you're banging?

    Thats not fair Tina said as she sat up, taken by surprise.

    When did I ever promise to play fair?

    Helena has been very good to me. She is attentive, affectionate, and considerate. Unlike, Bette she puts me before work.

    Okay, so your grudge fuck is a decent broad, but do you love her?

    I can't believe that you are taking Bette's side.

    T-Bird, I'm not taking Bette's side. You know me; I call them as I see them. I see that you love Bette. You're pissed at her, as you deserve to be, and you are screwing somebody else to get back at her.

    That is not how it is. Tina responded.

    Look, T-Bird. We've been friends for a long time. I adored you from the first time that Betty introduced us. We've always been straight with each other and weve always agreed about Betty's faults. She's damaged merchandise. She should have been marked 'Reject' at the factory. We both know that. We also both know that she loves you, more than she has ever loved anyone in her entire screwed up life. Further, I believe that you love her, despite herself.

    I can't forgive her, Alex. This time she went too far, hurt me too much. I've dealt with the years of her temper tantrums, her not communicating, her sacrificing everything for her precious career. The affair was the last straw.

    I understand how you feel T-Bird. Before you make any final decisions, will you just hear me out? You've got the baby to think about also. Let me say what I feel should be said. You do what you need to do; I just want to present a few things for you to think about before you do anything permanent.

    Okay, I will listen. But, I am just doing this out of respect for our friendship. I've made up my mind.

    Fair enough. Alex said as she drained her glass. She poured another before beginning...
    Link: Old Friends by nouvelle
    * I only link to finished stories, unless noted.