Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Got Balls?

ABCtv is doing an open casting call for 'WipeOut':

'' Contestants wanted for 'Wipeout'! In each episode, 24 compete to win $50,000 conquering the world's largest obstacle course, featuring the "Dirty Balls" etc. You don't need to be an athlete...

* Men & women over 18 years of age
* legal residents of the U.S.
* Must be able to swim.
* Must currently live in California.
* Fun, strong-willed, outgoing, great sense of humor.

Email us now at: wipeoutcasting@gmail.com
Must include your name, address, occupation, contact phone numbers, email addresses, a recent photograph, and a summary of why you're the perfect candidate.'' (via ABC's casting page)

Love that *You don't need to be an athlete* bit, especially when its clear when you watch the show that only the fit, and tall, will survive. (The average man is 5'' taller than the average woman - yet both must jump the same height? That's so rigged against women.)

It appears that the writers, producer, and two useless hosts
(that bozo duet must be related to the producer to have gotten this gig) are steering this show more toward humiliation than toward genuine fun. Too bad.


  1. Ahh...those major network rip offs of Japanese game shows won't be nearly as much fun as MXC was on Spike. Bah!

    (I have my Blais interview up, btw)

  2. Yes, watching 'MXC' was what got me interested in all this in the first place - I rem laughing so hard I cried the first time I saw it.

    So I've gotta agree with your there... I prefer Spike's MXC and the 'Japanese Game Show' so far myself

  3. I am not familiar with this program. It sounds a little like Unbeatable Banzuke on G4.

    They should make those nutcases on The Next Food Network Star 4 take part.