Monday, July 7, 2008

Hola! Papi?

Roving Papi returns - heart, keys, & churro in hand ;-)

*SPOILER!* Papi part deux; JG is back for Ep 601.
"...only saw the outside filming. Papi is on the 2nd floor balcony, looking down at Tasha and Alice. Alice says something like 'where have you been?' And Papi replies, 'right here'. Tasha says, "keys" and Papi throws them down to her. Alice asks if 'she can come in too'and Papi shrugs and says 'ok'..."
Now, isn't that interesting - Papi disappears for an entire season and returns just like that? So what dramatic reason brings Tasha back to see her 'best friend' finally - any guesses?

*For you folks pining for a S6 wedding, cheer up - JG might be returning for two purposes; rem she's also a limo driver...

Thanks for posting the tidbit, braindrain!
* her original TWoP 'Papi' spoiler is here.

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  1. That's right! Every wedding needs limos! But for which couple? - Amity