Sunday, August 16, 2009

Great Falls

Want a big surprise on your vacation too?... Here's how:

Drive home thru NJ, via I-80, and stop for gas at exit 57.

You'll find a waterfall there that's 77 feet tall.

2nd only to Niagara in the east U.S.. Who knew?

Way back, by Alexander Hamilton's statue:
scale: tiny railings on bridge are 4 feet high

Other side of the park, looking into the chasm:
you can get closer

link to more (not mine) Great Falls photos
(thanks to andy_szymczak, whoever/wherever he is)

wikipedia: Great Falls NJ

A few seconds of the falls in action:

{17 sec}

Why doesn't NJ use *that* in their ads vs 'Garden State'?

I can see it now: 'Visit Noisy Joisey Falls'...

*fixed post

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  1. Wow! It looks great there! Really picturesque ... hope you had a lovely vacation :)