Saturday, August 1, 2009

Now We Are Six

Think back to when you were that age...

Watercolours by Kieron Williamson, age 6.

Kieron: ''I like painting because it's fun....
It makes me think of places I can't see.''

His talent was recognised by family friend and artist, Carol Ann Pennington, who offered to give him lessons.

(His mum, re: his first drawings) ''they were like the drawings of most 5-yr-olds but he really took off after going to some art classes.'' - No kidding.

His work goes on display Sunday - just before his 7th birthday - at Mrs Pennington's gallery, 'The Last Picture Show In Town'. (Cromer Road, Holt. Norfolk UK)

Kieron's hero? - Norfolk landscape artist Edward Seago.
Compare Kieron's work above to Seago's at age 50.(below)

landscape by EDWARD SEAGO

I think Kieron's well on his way - I'd buy one.

Daily Mail link has a bit more of Kieron's art.


  1. Wow nanc that is incredible. I'd buy one too!

  2. Yes, just an amazing kid - his stuff reminds me of the background images in the animated 'Triplets of Bellville'.

  3. I loved the third one down...not sure why. Six years old? I wonder what he thinks about his work? They are so beautiful and evocative.