Friday, August 14, 2009

U MST L@@K !

Above was the title of the link sent to me.

Have to agree - can't believe it til you see it.

click to see interior - 13 quick pics !
*click* above for pics. (13 quick pics)

My jaw dropped open when I got to pic #6.

Yes, its a real Long Island, NY listing: via Sotheby's.

Remember, its only 4 mil so you better hurry.


  1. It's a human hamster house~! Wow. I want to know what nitwitted bank will use taxpayer dollars to finance this house? Let's home a super duper rich "master of the universe", I mean nitwit pays cash. Four million dollars? Will they take an IOU?

  2. Oh, Mr Condescending needs to buy that!

    I thought the outside looked kinda cool but they've totally ruined the interior with all that bobbly stuff, it looks like the whole place is wedged in the carcass of a humungous plucked chicken :/

  3. WTF is with the poc-marked sand sitch going on? thanks so much for posting this, so bizarre I may have nightmares that house is eating me tonight.