Sunday, March 14, 2010

Beer Pong Goes Hollywood

oddball host Guy Fieri

tonight 7 - 9 p.m.

'Minute To Win It'

Hm... Seems more like:

'Drinking Games Gone Viral Video'

{33 sec}

'Focus' ? ... 'Yes'
'Skill' ? ... 'Maybe'
'Grace' ? ... um ''No''

Which means I'm going to watch it.
If only I get home in time. Sigh.

eta:... yup, watched the last half
Get paid $50,000+ to play party games? Not too shabby.
btw, here are THE GAMES - time to practice.

Shows like this? Tis why I don't tell any pals in my *real* life about this blog, or my 'guilty' tv... I'd never live it down.

Yup, only you guys (plus my SO) know about this blog.
(fyi: my blog's orig name? = Nan 'C's Tv W/o Pity)

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