Thursday, March 11, 2010

Llamas with Hats

Because pinafores would just look silly?
(click pic for hayes roberts*' page, with more
of his fun art & animals, plus stories and books)

*A creative guy with some nice llamas.
But since Theme Thursday for today is 'HATS',

...we'll move on to two llamas,
both of whom have hats, but only one of whom is nice.

And as for the other?...

Well, this other llama is, um, 'not-so nice'.
As you'll see.
But at least he's wearing a hat.

{74 sec}

Link to:
Other SAbob's videos, incl. Llamas w/ Hats #1.

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  1. I love the video! That's great :D

  2. haha,,,headbutting children and making out with an ice sculpture...

  3. Love that fruity cat in the hat!

  4. Cats really tolerate a lot, don't they. The llama thing is a riot too.

  5. oh that poor cat--hope there wasn't any tequila in the area...;-) very funny post!

  6. I thought cat-melon-head was bizarre, but the llamas with hats vid? Kinda takes the cake. ;-)