Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lady Gaga Garbage

Lady Gaga
Its Art. Its Junk. (its actually both)

* Notice the poker chips and Kermit parts?...

Artist Jason Mecier uses the personal junk of celebrities and turns it into unique portraits. Over the past 10 years the stars themselves have sent their used belongings to him to create 3D collages.

Including: Heidi Fleiss' moldy slippers, Phyllis Diller's anti-itch
cream, Kathy Najimy's
Dexatrim, Ricki Lake's tampon (ew!), two of Tori Spelling's vibrators (double-ew!), and a letter Paris Hilton
sent him from prison.

Kathy GriffinKathy Griffin (in Clay Aiken CDs & Velveeta wrappers)

Also: Pam Anderson, Bjork, Sharon Stone, Florence Henderson, RuPaul, Pink, the Go-Go’s, the B52's, etc... See more in the video:

{40 sec}

Making 'PoP ArT Icons' out of pop culture debris?

Makes sense to me.

Hurry, his show at 'Ghetto Gloss' L.A. ends 3/23.
*click pics for more details.

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